Located near Downtown Monroe Michigan, my Healthy Skin & Wellness Studio is a quaint and comfortable atmosphere for face & body services and skincare & aromatherapy workshops

In my treatment room, that is noted for it’s tranquility and cozy appeal, I focus on YOU! Every session offers an amazing mind and body experience. This means, I give what you need mentally and physically. Every skin treatment provides rejuvenation through exfoliation, hydration and nourishment, because all three are vital to healthy, clear skin.

As a holistic-minded skincare specialist, I treat the skin to maintain and improve its appearance, but focus is on the wellness of the whole body.

I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself if we listen and treat it with care. 

Nourishing both the body and mind with safe products and using relaxing techniques, the skin can become clear, glowing and youthful looking without the use of aggressive treatments or harsh ingredients.

As your personal skin therapist,  I strive to educate and guide you in your skincare journey through my passion for sharing my knowledge of skincare ingredients, essential oil usage, and wellness information.  

My mission is to help you feel good and radiate your natural beauty.  

Robin Lemon, Licensed Esthetician since 2011