What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a safe and effective hair removal method that has been performed since ancient times.


Sugaring removes the hair from the follicle in the same direction of hair growth using an all natural paste that resembles honey, but is made from sugar, lemon and water.

This form of hair removal is similar to waxing, except that it is known to cause less irritation and discomfort because the sugar only sticks to the hair, not the skin. There are no concerns of burning the skin because it is done at body temperature.

Many women choose sugaring to remove hair from the legs, upper lip, chin, eyebrows , under arms, and bikini area because it leaves their skin feeling smooth and they don’t have to worry about hair growth for several weeks.

Over time and with frequent sugaring, the follicle can begin to weaken, causing the hair to grow back more thin and fine. It is also highly likely that many follicles will stop producing hair.

Why I love sugaring:

  • hair can be removed at 1/8″ (about a week of growth)
  • safe for sensitive skin types
  • exfoliates the dead skin
  • regular removal at an  1/8″  can lead to permanent hair loss.
  • 100% natural made from sugar, water and lemon juice
  • does not need to be heated like wax
  • hair is removed in the natural direction of growth which eliminates breakage and ingrown hairs.
  • earth friendly – no strips needed