Bring Awareness to Certain Activities

bring awareness

bring awareness

Post # 3 of The Beginner’s Guide to MindfulnessBringing Awareness to Certain Activities.

Yesterday, you learned how to pick one thing and focus on it. Today, we want to explore this further by thinking about activities where you tend to zone out. This is how you know where you need to be more mindful.

Find the Activities You Do Without Thinking

Try to think of activities you participate in on a regular basis where you aren’t really concentrating much on it. You often zone out and think of other things, such as brushing your teeth and thinking about a big work meeting, or focusing on what you need to do after work when you are walking down the hallway to your office. 

When your mind wanders like this, it keeps you from being fully mindful, and can create a lot of stress and this overwhelming feeling that you are never able to focus fully on any one thing. This really affects your productivity and makes it hard for you fully relax. 

Pick an activity, and the next time you participate in it, pay more attention to your sensations. 

For example, if you zone out during your morning commute, try to concentrate more on it. You might roll down the windows and smell the morning air, listen to the cars next to you while on the highway, or even smell your coffee that you bring with you. Pay more attention to the sights and sounds every time you are driving, and you will be living more mindfully.

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