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Stress and Your Skin

Stress runs deeper than your emotions.

You have heard it over and over how stress can kill you right? It's true, but let's not get so morbid in this article. Stress related conditions can range from headaches to heart disease and it is a serious matter that needs your attention. 

Good news though - you can always work towards lowering your stress level and health risks:)

Let's talk about acne breakouts since stress is the primary trigger in adult acne.

When your body stays in a constant, high level of stress, it over works the adrenal glands which can increase sebum production contributing to the development of acne.

When the sebaceous glands produce too much oil, the excess oil holds onto dead skin cells that are meant to be shed. The dead skin and oil clog the pores, preventing oxygen from entering and setting up a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, in turn causing the inflammation that is visible as redness and swelling.

Too much stress can be hard on the immune system, causing slower skin healing and potential for infection.  In psoriasis, new cells are produced rapidly leading to thick and scaly skin.

Stress also ages skin. Studies show that free radicals and shortened telomeres cause skin aging.

-A free radical is an atom with an unpaired electron. There are many things in our daily lives that cause free radicals, stress is just one of them.  Oxidation is free radical damage and causes cell and tissue damage.  

-A telomere is the  protective cap at the end of a DNA strand. Chronic stress has been linked to shorter telomeres.

Here are 5 Quick ways to de-stress

1. Sip Tea  L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness. 

2. Take a quick walk. Just changing the scenery and moving your body in a stressful time will help clear your head and boost endorphins.

3. Eat Chocolate.  Studies show dark chocolate reduces the stress hormone cortisol, as well as being rich in antioxidants

4. Sniff Essential Oils.  Use an aromatherapy inhaler or just place a drop of essential oil into the palm of your hands, cup your hands and breathe in. This type of aromatherapy is the most simple and quickest way to get to the brain. Citrus or lavender are great for calming.

5. Massage your Ears. Start at the lobe and work up to the top of ear, it is very relaxing.

Make an effort to find more ways to calm your stress for the sake of your health.

So Well Gift Giving is So Easy

Think about how many people do not purchase self-care, wellness or pampering type of items for themselves. What a perfect time to choose a gift that will encourage the recipient to create their own moments of self-love.

The SoWell company has really did an outstanding job of putting together a collection of products that inspire feel-good wellness. I am so glad to have found a trustworthy resource for items that I love to use and share with others.

As we approach the busy shopping season, it’s hard to not become overwhelmed with all of the sales and commercialized holiday hoopla. Buying loads of stuff that most people don’t need, overspending and getting stressed is NOT a good way to experience the joy of the season.

I created this SoWell Gift Guide in hopes that I can help you purchase gifts that you feel good about buying and giving. I feel especially good about sharing this with you so lets keep passing that feeling on down the line by sharing it with others! 

Himalayan Salt Lights and Salt Therapy !

Beautiful, handmade and fair trade Himalayan salt lamps available in amber, gray and white $25 & up

so well mini USB salt lamp

Look at these cute mini USB lamps!  I think this is a great way to show someone that you love and care about their health. It also brings some natural decor to their desk or workstation.

Give someone a reason to relax in the bath with these pure himalayan bath salts and mineral soaks. Choose from Daily Detox, Stress Relief, Pain Relief or the Healthy Boosting Foot Soak.

Neti pots are great to have on hand during the flu and cold season when many people are seeking relief from nasal congestion. This is a unique gift that your loved ones will appreciate.