Embrace Negative Emotions

embrace negative emotions

embrace negative emotions

POST #6 of the Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness series!

Acceptance, a big part of mindfulness. Embrace Negative Emotions and Move on From Them.

When you accept things during mindfulness, you are allowing the negative thoughts and feelings to come in, and instead of dwelling on them, just embracing them. By doing so, you are able to accept what they are and how they impact you, but you then move on from them. This is the most important part. You are not hiding from these feelings or thoughts, but you are allowing them a moment in your mind, then releasing them to focus more on the present.

Here are some examples:

You are feeling sad that a friend is moving away – It is okay to feel sad during these types of moments, but after you have felt sad, accept that it doesn’t mean you will never talk and will never see them again. 

You had a hard day at work – A lot of stress comes from work and finances, which is also something you can accept. Feel the stress and anxiety, but don’t let it consume you. Once the work day is over, stop thinking about it and instead accept that it was a bad day and move on from it.

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