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green envee cleansers

I am not kidding when I say that I can use all 4 of these cleanser types on my face. It depends on what time of the day and what my skin needs when I make my selection. 

We have Soothe Herbal Cleansing Cream and Clarify Cleansing Gel in the shower. My daughter uses Soothe for her super sensitive skin and I mainly use Clarify as my daily cleanser, but will alternate when needed. I keep Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil on the bathroom counter for night time cleansing at the sink because it’s wonderful and relaxing before bed. I keep a small sample jar of Illuminate Enzyme Cleansing powder in the shower so it is sealed and won’t get wet inside. This is something I use every other day to keep my face smooth and bright.

They all have their unique cleansing properties and it sure helps to have this variety when incorporating them into my client treatments.

πŸ’šSoothe Herbal Cleansing Cream with Green Tea & Chamomile

Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Combination and Sensitive
Soothes, heals, calms, moisturizes, reduces redness

This high performance cleanser removes stubborn make up and naturally balances the pH of skin. Creamy, nourishing and luscious, your skin will look and feel healthy and hydrated.

My usage tip: Gentle enough to put on a cotton round and remove eye makeup

πŸ’šClarify Cleansing Gel with Lime & Turmeric

Skin Type: Normal Combination Oily
Heals, brightens, ph balancing, reduces inflammation

This potent formula boosts skin purity and removes toxins from the surface of the skin, revealing a glowing, refreshed complexion.

My usage tip: A full pump is too much and wasteful. A little goes a long way.

πŸ’š Illuminate Enzyme Cleansing Powder with Matcha & Lime

Skin Type : All
Brightens, softens skin, exfoliates, remineralizing, evens complexion

Exfoliate and tone for smooth, bright and revitalized skin. Matcha + Lemon work together to reduce inflammation while fighting free radicals and refreshing tired skin. Bentonite clay gently exfoliates while bamboo extract and matcha keep skin smooth, supple and glowing radiantly.

My usage tip: Add directly to your cleanser when short on time or sprinkle a little in hands with water to create a 2nd cleansing step to exfoliate gently.

πŸ’š Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil with Tamanu & Bergamot

Skin Type: All
Hydrates, heals, nourishes, non-comedogenic

Immerse your skin with purifying botanics that work in sync to effortlessly dissolve stubborn make up and impurities. When combined with water, this cleansing oil transforms to a milky emulsion that easily rinses away.

My usage tip: End your day by applying and massaging onto dry skin. Add a little water to your hands and work up a creamy lather by doing some small circles with your fingers. Use a wet warm towel to wipe away the cleanser.

Learn more at https://healthyskinwellness.com/green-envee/

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