Intro to dry skin brushing

dry skin brushing

You may have heard of dry brushing, but haven’t realized that it was something you could benefit from. If you are new to this technique and wanting to know more about it, here are some quick facts to get you started and open your mind to the idea of what dry skin brushing can do for you.

Key benefits of dry skin brushing.

  1. Improve dry skin. It is considered to be a more natural and milder form of exfoliation than using over the counter and chemical exfoliating methods that can actually cut or damage the skin Dry brushing helps to remove the dry skin and helps to form new healthy skin in its place. Using lotions can actually cause the dry skin to remain and clog the pores which will decrease the amount of healthy skin that is formed and prolong the dry and flakiness. 
  2. Stimulate the lymphatic system. This is an important benefit because this system helps remove cellular waste. The dry brushing technique helps open the cells and the system to cycling the waste out and to rebuilding the skin and cellular system. It helps prevent blockage in this system as well. 
  1. Increase Circulation. Poor circulation can cause a number of problems with the skin including a build up of dry skin cells and a buildup of fat in certain areas. The increase in circulation that is caused by the dry brushing technique can help stimulate your cells just like with the lymphatic system. This increased circulation helps with the removal of metabolic waste from the body which can help the skin distribute natural oils making the skin softer and smoother over time. 

How to Dry Brush

 The dry skin brushing method is quite simple. You use a non-synthetic or natural bristle brush on your body to remove dry skin. This brushing technique is done all over your body and with no lotion, soaps, or water. You simply brush the body gently in soft flowing strokes that move towards the heart. 

 I begin on the back of the neck with short strokes moving downward and then move around to the front of my neck down to my collarbone. Next I go from my wrists up my arm and close to my underarms. I move to my feet and go up my whole leg to do some circles in my outer thigh area , lower back and then my navel. 

The Brush

An important thing to keep in mind with dry skin brushing is the brush itself. You need to use something with natural bristles. Synthetic bristles can cause damage to your skin and may be too harsh. Also finding a soft bristle brush is optimal. Natural health stores and spa supply shops will have the types of brush you need for dry skin brushing.

When to Dry Brush

You may be thinking that dry skin brushing takes too much effort, but a quick dry brushing before you jump in the shower is one of those habits that once you start, you will not want to skip. 

It is recommended to dry brush 2-3 times per week. Seasonal changes and exercise can also determine your needs, but In most cases you will likely increase the dry skin brushing during colder months and decrease it during hotter months.

You can apply a skin nourishing body oil or cream after your shower, but you might notice that you need less or none at all!  Just remember to be gentle and work with what your body needs. Start slowly and decrease or increase your needs depending on your skin and reaction to dry skin brushing.

Personally, I feel a little surge of energy after dry brushing. I have been doing it consistently everyday for well over a year now. I have made it part of my daily self-care and wellness routine. I hope you will give it a try.


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