Judge Less- Accept More

judge less accept more

judge less accept more

POST #7 of the Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Series

Judge Less, accept more.

Today is about developing a non-judgmental attitude, not only toward yourself, but to others as well. Part of being more mindful in your life isn’t just about accepting things as they are in your own life, but accepting other people, including their traits and their flaws. You want to become an observer who accepts everything as it comes and does not make a habit of being judgmental.

A lot of stress in your life can come from negative emotions about other people and their actions. Get in the habit of watching other people and listening to what they say, and just living a state of acceptance. Do not judge them based on what you would do or you think they should act like. This creates a negative environment that is not productive or pleasant for anyone.

It is not easy to stop being judgmental, as everyone has their opinions. Practice this each day with every person you come in contact with. When you learn to push the judgment aside, you will discover that it helps to strengthen the bond between you and others in your life.

Thank you for joining me in this series!

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