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Choosing a facial cleanser doesn’t have to be so hard, but sometimes we just need a little guidance. As an esthetician who uses a variety of cleansers on many people with different skin type/condition combos, I am happy to give you a little direction before your next purchase.

First, let me say you do not need a crazy expensive facial cleanser by any means. You just need one that suits your skin type and conditions. I highly recommend choosing one that you enjoy using, so that you can create a nice self-love and self-care ritual that you look forward to every day.

There are a few things to factor into your purchase choice.  Some of these will be determined by whether you have problematic skin or not.-Do you want a different cleanser for morning and night? As in one for the shower and one for over the sink?-Do you want one that serves as a makeup remover also?-How about a creamy wipe off one or foamy rinse off? 

In my experience, I have used Rose Facial Wash on more clients and myself than any other NYR cleanser. It’s just a perfect match for normal, combination, dehydrated and sensitive skin. I keep this one in my shower at home. 

The NYR rose products are so LOVELY. Before I met NYR Products you would not have heard me talking nice about anything rose.  I am very sensitive to floral scents.  Once you experience REAL rose ingredients in skincare and not gaggy and toxic artifical fragrance, you will understand what I am saying.

Next runner up is the very creamy Calendula Cleanser. This one is suitable for mature, dry and sensitive skin, but I love using it as a nice oil based first cleanse on many clients except problematic acne skin. It has cocoa butter, coconut, olive , jojoba and sunflower oils. I apply it on dry skin, massage well and then wipe with a nice steam towel.  For home use it can be used as a daily cleanser, make-up and eye make-up remover. 

I do like the Frankincense Refining Cleanser for a night-time routine. It has a similiar creamy consistency as the calendula cleanser, but has the benefits of firming and toning from the frankincense and peptides. This cleanser also comes with a muslin cloth to be used to wipe away the product to create a smoothing effect. Great for dry, mature and normal skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive because of the peptides or acne prone because of the cocoa butter.

The Orange Flower Facial  Wash is another good choice for dry skin even though I have been known to use it myself when I run out of the Rose Facial wash. My daughter with super sensitive skin is currently using this one for the winter months because she is more dry. Its a gentle foaming lotion type cleanser. 

If you are looking for a calming cleanser for sensitive types, the Soothing Starflower Cleansing Milk is perfect. It is formulated without any essential oils to be as mild as possible. 

The Palmarosa Facial Wash is great for those that have oily, combination or congested skin. It smells very fresh and herbally.

I do not use a separate eye-makeup remover in my treatment room or at home because I just use the facial cleansers or oils that can be applied on the eyes. I am a minimalist when it comes to my own routine. I know many people that use and love the Organic Eye Makeup Remover and I have tried it just for the sake of trying it and it was nice and effective.

I feel very comfortable suggesting NYR products because they are organic and safe. They are certified by Cruelty Free International.  Most of their items are vegan, fair-trade  and dermatologically tested.

If you need help choosing an NYR Organic cleanser, just contact me I am happy to help.

Happy Cleansing!


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