Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks

A sheet mask is a face shaped sheet of fabric soaked in a serum solution designed to infuse nourishing ingredients into the skin.

I had never used a sheet mask until last month when I introduced 2 new treatment services to my clients. I knew I wanted a cooling and calming sheet mask to use at the end of the peel and nano infusion facials, but it HAD to have an ingredient list that I was on board with. 

Since sheet mask are soaked in a liquid serum solution, many of them on the market are filled with questionable ingredients such as alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, propylene glycol, ammonium laureth sulfate, etc 

I was so fortunate to find Orgaid. the only sheet mask manufacturer in the USA that uses organic ingredients and never uses harmful chemicals to produce. 

Orgaid outperforms with it’s high quality active ingredients and the sheets are designed with advanced technology that helps ingredients to be absorbed into the deeper layer of your skin without evaporating quickly. The special fabric is 100% natural, breathable and hugs the skin nicely so you can move around without it falling off. 

I’ll be honest, I  wasn’t sure I liked the whole idea of having this extra expense in my treatments, but after a month of testing I have received nothing but positive feedback from clients and I can see myself how amazing these masks really are. 

I was told how luxurious they feel and I am really enjoying using them now that I have had more practice unfolding the slippery sheets and placing them properly on my clients faces.  

I have decided to also offer them to clients for home use and I just got my big order in so they are now available to purchase at time of visit or arrange for pickup.

There 3 formulas to choose from 

Hydrates the skin, soothes redness and helps to combat the signs of aging. Read more details here

Helps to reduce brown spots, boost collagen and brighten complexion. Read more here

Smooths skin, tightens pores, and helps to even out complexion. Read more details here

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