The State of Michigan is currently under a mask mandate order until 12/9/2020 . This means the client cannot remove their mask during services, but I am still open and available for other services such as the Aromatherapy Touch Session, Clear and Smooth Back Polishing, and I can still offer the NANO Infusion Treatment around the eyes, on the forehead, chest and hands.

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Robin’s Signature Relax & Renew Facial Session $70

This is the facial that has been with me since day one! This is the one I have spent years perfecting. I have tweaked the steps, tools and products used through the years to create the best one hour facial experience.

The Relax & Renew Facial was named just that, a session where one could relax and leave feeling renewed.

I am very proud to offer this fabulous skin therapy and relaxing spa session all in one! The treatment is customized specifically for your skin type and to address any conditions and concerns. In addition to aromatherapy, steamy towels, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and organic treatments, a massage of the face, arms, hands and scalp is included. (aromatherapy is optional).

This session is a great monthly maintenance facial or just on occasion for a refreshing and rejuvenating skin treatment and self-care visit. I have several treatment options to choose from for each visit, but I will make recommendations based on your skin health and what results you are interested in achieving.

Treatment Add-on options: Eye & Lip Nano Rejuvenator and Oh Honey Restorative Hand treatment

The Nano Infusion Facial offers immediate and long term results. $60

A non-invasive nano pen device with a sterile/ disposable silicone cartridge, is used to drive active ingredients deeper into the skin to dramatically increase absorption. An alternative to microneedling, this device doesn’t break the skin and isn’t painful.
Key benefits:
Hydrate and plump. Stimulate collagen production. Improve tone and texture. Reduce the appearance of fine lines. Decrease pigmented spots. Diminish scars.

Organic Power Peptide Floraessence Peel Facial $60

Boost your skin’s natural repair process, diminish fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin with a luxuriously smooth and radiant glow. A potent infusion of plant peptides combined with FloraEssence extracts and gentle acids that encouraging cell turnover and collagen stimulation.

Clear and Smooth Back Polishing Treatment $60

A relaxing, deep cleansing and skin smoothing session for the often neglected back. This treatment refreshes
and revives the body + mind and balances energy; while leaving your skin silky smooth and feeling healthy .

Aromatherapy Touch Session $60

A very relaxing and aromatic wellness experience that gently reminds your body to heal itself. Using the power of essential oils to promote grounding, detoxification and immune support while helping to decrease stress and inflammatory responses in the body. Specifically chosen essential oils are applied with a hands-on technique to the back, shoulders, neck and feet.